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Halyard Teams

Our Teams.

The Halyard team thrives under challenging conditions; be it a tight budget, a time constraint, a complicated technical problem, harsh climate, or difficult terrain. We are always able to tack or jibe when presented with a challenge.

Our people are multi-skilled which allows us to think creatively and quickly to solve technical challenges. We understand what it really means to do smart, fit-for-purpose engineering and design. Our significant on-site experience is critical to ensuring our engineering and design work is practical and not just theory-based.

Good sailors are always wind-aware and Halyard engineers, designers, and project managers are no different. We understand the specific demands of each project and work with our clients to determine the best point of sail to deliver effective design solutions.

Halyard routinely brings on engineering co-op students and engineers in training because we enjoy mentoring the next generation of engineers and we believe it benefits our team and our clients to encourage new and innovative ideas in our industry.

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Halyard Teams - Team Lunch

Executive Team

Halyard was founded by Justin Taylor, an accomplished mechanical engineer and project manager, in 2013 and the company has continued to grow and expand since. Halyard’s leadership team includes those with engineering and technical expertise, financial and capital markets experience, and a talent for people and systems.

Design Team

Versatility and collaboration are our calling cards, whether working on flow sheets, P&ID development, 3D modelling, or plant and site layouts. We work closely with discipline engineers and project managers to deliver models and drawings from concept through to commissioning. 

Process Team

We live and breathe process plants! Our solutions encompass all aspects of process design across various systems, unit operations, and process equipment. The Process Team works with clients around the world on metallurgical reviews for all levels of studies, process flowsheet development, plant design, process improvement, brownfield upgrades, and capital and operating cost estimates. The Process Team is the keel that keeps everything steady throughout the life of a project!

Project Management Services Team

We are the helm that steers our projects, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget and that our Clients’ expectations are met or exceeded. The Project Management Services Team is made up of engineers from a variety of disciplines who have worked on projects involving industrial minerals, and critical minerals such as battery metals and gemstones all over the world. Each of us is excited to bring our particular skills and expertise to every project we lead!

Engineering Team

We work closely with both Project Managers and Designers to deliver project and client-specific engineering solutions. The engineering team works on all aspects of every project we take on. From kick-off to commissioning, this strategy ensures continuity and efficiency in our designs and allows for a seamless hand-off to our Client.

Business Operations Team

We are the rigging that supports Halyard’s Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers! The Business Operations Team is a diverse group of business development & marketing, accounting, finance, operations, HR & people practices, and business management professionals.