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CFI Geodesic Dome

CFI Geodesic Dome.

Design of a geodesic dome for an existing stockpile

CFI’s fine ore stockpile was exposed to the elements and the client wanted to install a geodesic dome. Halyard was contracted to build the concrete foundations for the dome without damaging the existing underground tunnel and permitting operations to continue throughout construction.

To allow for a non-uniform foundation, extra-heavy concrete beams were designed to be built in the two areas directly above the tunnel.  These beams, which were approximately 9 m long, carried the load above the existing tunnel, therefore, not having to rely on the tunnel to carry any load.

Halyard’s design was successfully implemented, resulting in less dust in the area, a 5% reduction in material losses, the elimination of frozen ore in winter, and a 10% reduction in operations downtime.

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Canada Fluorspar Inc.

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Newfoundland, Canada



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